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Find your myeloma Twin on HealthTree!
Find your myeloma Twin on HealthTree!
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The Twin Machine is a feature that allows you to search for your myeloma “twins” based on your myeloma genetics, diagnosis, treatments and/or other variables. You will be able to look at their treatments anonymously. Keep in mind that in order to use this feature and get accurate results, some sections in your profile have to be completed.

All information is de-identified, which means no one's personal information will be shared or visible with any other patients in the HealthTree community.

Follow these steps to find your Myeloma Twin:

  1. Sign in to your Cure Hub account.

  2. Look for the Twin Machine option in the left-hand navigation or click on “Twin Machine” from the Dashboard.

  3. You'll see your "Best Twin Match" which means the results have been filtered with the information from your profile. For more accurate results, please complete your profile by connecting your medical records. You can learn how to connect your records here, or if you need help doing this, please schedule a free call with us here. (Please keep in mind it may take up to a week after connecting your records for your treatments and genetics to show up in your profile.)

  4. You can manually change the search criteria by clicking Add Filters and selecting the exact criteria that you'd like to search. You can change, add and/or delete search values for diagnosis, genetics, treatments, age, years after diagnosis, and gender. Click on the Search button to see your results.


  5. Depending on your search criteria, you’ll see a list of twins along with the match percentage. A higher percentage means a better match. If you click on a twin of interest, the system will show their anonymous profile.

  6. You can click on "Follow" to have quick access to your twin's profile. You can Follow as many twins as you like and you can see the twins you follow by clicking Twins I'm Following.

  7. A new feature to chat anonymously with your twins is coming out soon. Stay tuned!

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