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What is Cure Hub?
What is Cure Hub?

Track your myeloma and help accelerate a cure!

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HealthTree Cure Hub is a platform where you can put all your myeloma-related information. This helps you better understand your type of myeloma, remember your prior myeloma therapies, and track your labs.

The Cure Hub platform also provides other useful resources/tools:

  1. See all of your treatment options at all stages of the disease. Because patients will relapse many times over the course of their myeloma, knowing our options is essential.

  2. Find all clinical trials you are eligible to join. You can use our filters to narrow down the results and find the ones that might be a good match for you.

  3. Use our Twin Machine technology to find, connect and chat with other patients with similar myeloma characteristics as you. See your twin’s treatments and outcomes, find those that lived the longest with myeloma, and learn what contributed to their success.

  4. Find Side Effect Solutions reported by patients. This tool allows you to share with others the side effects you have experienced and the solutions you have tried and learn from what other patients are experiencing.

  5. Help accelerate research by participating in studies and answering survey questions to help accelerate a cure.

  6. Check the Stats & Insights section to see the aggregated data from other patients in our myeloma community.

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