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What happens if I don't have a patient portal?
What happens if I don't have a patient portal?
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No worries! You can still connect your records to your HealthTree Cure Hub account. Rather than adding your patient portal information for the medical record connection, you can submit a request for paper records. All you have to do is fill out our form here for your facility and select that you don’t have a patient portal. This will create a consent form for paper records, allowing us to contact your facility and request that your records be sent to us. Your facility will then send us the records, which we will upload to your Cure Hub account so you can view them. Once your records are added, you'll be able to find treatment options or clinical trials, participate in research, or have someone on our team schedule a call to go over what your labs/genetics mean.

To connect paper records, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Cure Hub account and click on the section Connect My Records.

  2. Click on the green + button or click on the Add New Connection button.

  3. Type the name of your facility.

  4. Click on the button "No" stating that you don't have a patient portal, and select "Next."

  5. Add your digital signature, check the box authorizing the HealthTree Foundation to request your medical records and complete my HealthTree Cure Hub profile. Then select the green "Next" button.

That is all needed to add your consent to request your paper records from your facility. We will send this consent form to your facility and will email you when we have added all your records to your Cure Hub account.

Please contact our team via chat, email: [email protected], or phone at 800-709-1113 if you have any questions or concerns on how to do this.

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