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How can I provide feedback after an event?
How can I provide feedback after an event?

We want to know your opinion! Provide feedback after joining our events and let us know how we can improve and provide better service.

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Our HealthTree Community Events are a way to connect with other myeloma patients and caregivers, learn from specialists and keep ourselves updated on the latest there is about treatments, nutrition, fitness, mental and physical health, etc. One of our primary goals is to provide a safe space for myeloma patients and caregivers to learn from others and share their own experiences through this journey.

We know that one of the best ways of improving and providing better quality events is by hearing the feedback that you have for us. Therefore, we'd appreciate it if you could answer a two minutes-long survey after every event to let us know your thoughts.

After the conclusion of each event, a new internet (Safari, Chrome, etc.) window will open up with a message that shows the link to the survey:

Click on the link to answer our three questions-long surveys and let us know your thoughts about the event.

What if I don't have time to answer the survey right after the event?

No worries, we got you covered! You'll receive a follow-up email 24-48 hours after the event's conclusion. This email will include the recording of the event (if there is one), the slides that were presented, resources related to the event's topic, and the link to the survey:

If you have any questions or are unsure if you received the email that contains the survey, you can contact our Support Team, and they'll be happy to help you! You can call us at +1 800 709 1113 or send an email to [email protected].

Thank you for your feedback! That's what keeps us growing.

"The wise learn from their mistakes".

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